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With SaaS we can help you select and implement a single application through the browser for thousands of users using a multitenant architecture. It means no upfront investment in servers or software licensing.

Platform as a Service:

We can help you build custom applications that run on a provider's infrastructure and are delivered to your users via the Internet from the provider's servers. Like SFDC (, these services are constrained by the vendor's design and capabilities, so you don't get complete freedom, but you do get predictability and pre-integration.

Web Services in the cloud:

We work with Web service providers offering APIs to exploit and enable functionality over the Internet, rather than delivering full-blown applications. These providers range from ones offering discrete business services to the full range of APIs offered by Google Maps, Payroll processing.

Internet Integration:

We can help you navigate through the choices of using cloud-based integration services. Whether you are looking to integrate peer-to-peer or via a hosted enterprise services bus (ESB) we can help with the selection and implementation of a specific product/service and ensure seamless integration and data integrity, along with the proper security considerations, with your internal applications.

Is a global eEnterprise software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

Best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product. foundation donates 1% of the company's resources to support Organization that are working to "make the world a better place". CRM solution is broken down into several categories: sales, service cloud, data cloud, collaboration cloud and custom cloud.

Window azure:

Window azure handles the deployment details from provisioning and load balancing to health monitoring for continuous availability.

Window azure cloud services provide the most effective application enviroment for building the most medium, distributed, computing applications on the planet.

Window azure is a platform for running window applications and storing data in the cloud.