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SVIMEDU is an educational ERP solution for educational Institutes (Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Institutes). In today’s increasingly tough / competitive conditions success of an institution will hinge on promoting the School/ Colleges/Universities and reaching out to the student/parents. SVIMEDU is the software that can enable and streamline the process starting from pre-admission of students till their placement and helping the institutions to become the leaders. The product is a Cloud Computing based using technology transferred by iVanik.LLC (USA) and Web-based suite of applications. SVIMEDU ERP is easy to understand, administer and auto maintenance and auto up gradation to new versions. Users find it easy to use which makes their work quicker and more effective.

ABOUT SVIMEDU.COM web service is made available to student and parents so that they track their performance in the form of result and update with school notices, their attendances, fee detail etc. by their own log in



(a) Complete information of Institution

(b) E-mail conformation

2. Registration Through Entrance Test

(a) Registration on enquiry for entrance schedule

(b) Creating Entrance test results

(c) Keeping the students select, reject or on hold

(d) Selected Students auto generation in

(e) storing the marks

(f) Preparing the merit list of students

3. Direct Registration

(a) Registration without Entrance test

(b) Registration of Old and new students

(c) Student details( Health record, Previous educational information, Sports and other activities, Fee declaration, concession eligibility

(d) Identity card generation

(e) Assigning the course, class and section to a student

(f) Fully integration with accounting module. All the incomes generated from students in this module are reflected in all accounting books and reports.

(g) Tracking of active and inactive students


4. Fee Management

(a) Fee declaration class wise as well as Student

(b) Tracking the Fee concessions

(c) Fee Receipt voucher

(d) Information on student

(e) Reports on class-wise collection and dues, student wise collection and dues, daily collection , monthly collections, Pending fee detail

(f) Fee concession on the base of caste or siblings, parents etc.


5 HR Management

(a) Employee Profile: Tracking their Qualification, Experience, Research Activities, Salary details, Leaves

(b) Pay Slip auto generation

(c) Automatic information by e-mail

(d) Calculation on leave and salary basis

(e) PF, ESI, and other deductions

(f) Salary Statements and reporting.

6. Examination Management

(a) Date sheet generation

(b) Examination result Subject wise , Student wise, Class wise

(c) Generation of overall Total result

7. Assessment Management (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation

(a) Tracks the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of student

(b) Grading System on 3,5,9 point scale

(c) Scholastic, co-scholastic, activities and games based assessment as prescribed by CBSE

(d) Assessment on the basis of Marks or Grades or both

8. Teacher Attendance

(a) Quick and accurate recording of staff attendance.

(b) Integrated with

(c) Calculation of the total leaves, pending leaves, working days.

(d) Various types of leaves/absents/late comings can be marked for employees

9. Student Attendance Management

(a) Quick and accurate recording of student’s attendance.

(b) Identification of irregularities in the academic interests of the students

(c) Creation of complete attendance reports and summary of student

10. Academic Calendar

(a) Year wise, month wise, Day wise planning of institution programme

(b) Accessible to parents and students through website for their future planning

(c) Planning of Different Clubs/Houses with the In charge responsible

11. Activities Management

(a) Management of all the cultural Activities, functions, competitions, events

(b) Recording the event guests, achievements, participants, and sponsors with event detail.

12. Accounts Management

(a) Integrated with all other modules.

(b) Transactions from other modules are automatically posted into this module and reflected in all books of accounts.

(c) Creation all types of accounting transactions and vouchers.

(d) Automatically preparation of all accounting books like Trial Balance, Cash Book, Day Book, Profit Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.

13. Daily Home work management.

(a) Subject wise, Teacher wise Home work.

(b) No need of Homework diary to carry and to maintain.

(c) Accessible to students through their log in id at

14.Notice Board Management

(a) Daily notices.

(b) Report of Previous notices.

(c) Different notices to parents, students, and staff.

15. Dispatch Diary Management.

(a) Maintaining Record of every dispatch letter.

(b) Recording of Date and Detail of method of dispatch with stamps detail.

16. Receipt Diary.

(a) Maintaining Record of every received letter.

(b) Recording of Date and Detail of receipt with subject of letter and number.

17. Information System

(a) Search option of any detail required.

(b) Tracking of all data of students/Teachers.

(c) Access to student’s/teachers personal, parents, address, academic, medical and Discipline records.

(d) Search option for vouchers, ledgers, and other A/C transactions and instruments.

18. Library Management

(a)Search option of any detail required author wise/ number wise/ subject wise / book name type.

(b)Tracking of all data of issues and receipts of books/ journals etc of students/Teachers/guests.

19. Hostel management

20. Transport Management

21. Inventory Management


(a) Systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspects of their institute

(b) Single Point School Management Software

(c) Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records

(d) Effective communication between teachers, parents and students

(e) Creation of school's tech savvy image

(f) Complete automation of all operations

(g) Centrally stored information with zero redundancy

(h) Best possible resource optimization

(i) Auto-generation of hundreds of reports

(j) Dynamic substitute management

(k) Availability of microscopic as well as macroscopic views

(l) Cost-effective one point solution for total school management

(m) Save a lots of investment in different software and management issue


(a) Easy performance monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated error detection

(b) Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time

(c) Centralized data search option for trouble-free data access

(d) Authenticated profile dependent access to

(e) User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills

(f) High level data security

(g) Design for unproblematic scalability

(h) Elimination of people-dependent processes

(i) Minimal data redundancy


(a) Automated student attendance

(b) Computerized management of marks and grades

(c) CCE Evaluation System management

(d) Availability of more time for students

(e) Efficient and effective interaction with parents

(f) Access to a forum common to students and parents

(g) Access to own and students' attendance

(h) Better organization of school Activities

(i) Manage class information and analytical reports

(j) E-mail messaging system for Payroll


(a) Get connected to the school effectively and easily

(b) Frequent interaction with teachers

(c) Active participation in school Activities

(d) Reliable update on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment.

(e) Prior information about school events and holidays

(f) Regular and prompt availability of school updates through e-mails etc.


(a) Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers

(b) Access to attendance, marks, grades and examination schedule

(c) Prior information about school events and holidays